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J.M.C. - 3
J.M.C. - 3
Book Name: Reporting, Writing & Editing
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Reporting, Writing and Editing

News Reporting
  • What is News, News Value, Sources of News
  • Types of News Reporting: Objective, Interpretative, Investigative and Crime
  • Qualities and Responsibilities of a Reporter
  • Interviewing Skills Required for Reporting
Specialized Reporting
  • Court Reporting
  • Legislature Reporting
  • Science and Technology Reporting
  • Sports Reporting
  • Development Reporting
Writing for the Press
  • Fundamentals of Good Writing – Writing the News Story, Lead, Structure, etc.
  • Feature Writing
  • Opinion and Editorial Writing
  • Freelance and Magazine Writing
Writing for Radio and Television
  • Radio News
  • Radio Features and Commentary
  • Television News
  • Scripting for Television Documentary and Commentary


  • Principles of Editing
  • Photo Editing
  • Design–Layout and Typography
  • Electronic Editing


Medium English

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