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B.S.W.E. - 2
B.S.W.E. - 2
Book Name: Social Work (Individuals & Groups)
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Social Work with Individuals
  • Introduction to Social Case Work: Historical Development
  • Basic Elements of Social Case Work
  • Practice of Social Case Work: Phases
  • Interviewing and Recording in Case Work–I
  • Interviewing and Recording in Case Work–II
  • Fields of Social Case Practice
Social Work with Groups
  • Social Group Work: Historical Development
  • Characteristics and Significance of Group
  • Principles, Skills and Models of Group Work Practice)
  • Group Formation: Stage of Development of Groups
  • Role of Group Workers in Group Work Process
Social Problems and Services 
  • Introduction to Social Problems
  • Contemporary Social Problems–I
  • Contemporary Social Problems–II
  • Social Defence
General Areas of Social Work Practice 
  • Social Work with Family
  • Social Work in Education Sector
  • Social Work in Health Care Sector
  • Social Work in Industrial Sector
  • Social Work with Community
  • Social Work in Correctional Sector
Social Development and Social Work 
  • Development and Under Development
  • Concept and Dynamics of Social Development
  • Concept and Type of Economic System
  • Social Planning and Social Policy
  • Human Development
Basics of Legal Literacy 
  • Indian Constitution
  • Indian Legal System and its Relevance for Marginalized Disadvantaged Groups
  • Concept of Social Action Litigation
  • Basic Understanding of Legal Procedures
  • Social Legislation and Role of Social Worker in Legal Assistance
Supplementary Reading Material-I
  • Social Work Education in India: Retrospect and Prospect
  • Social Work Literature in India: A Critical Review
  • Global Scenario of Social Work Education
  • Relevance of Social Work Methods in Indian Context
  • The Status of Social Work Education and Practice in North-East
  • Gender and Development: Concepts, Framework and Issuses
  • Status of Women in India: A Historical Perspective
  • Mainstreaming Gender in Social Work Education
  • Social Work Intervention for the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS
Medium Hindi

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