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Book Name: Foundation Course in Tourism
Rs. 240.00
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Tourism Phenomenon
  • Understanding Tourism-I
  • Understanding Tourism-II
  • Historical Evolution and Development
Tourism Industry
  • Tourism Arrangement Systems
  • Components of Tourism Industry and Tourism Organization
  • Tourism Regulation
  • Statistics and Measurement
Tourism Services and Operations-1
  • Transport Means
  • Tourists Lodging System
  • Informal Services of Tourism
  • Auxiliary Services: Different Kinds and Their Role
  • Shops, Emporium and Fairs
Tourism Services and Operations-2
  • Travel Agency
  • Tour Operator
  • Guides and Route Directors
  • Tourism Information : Various Sources
Geography and Tourism
  • Bio-Diversity of India: Natural Landscape, Environment and Ecology
  • Tourists, Weather and Spots
  • Maps and Chart
Tourism Marketing and Communications
  • Tourism : Marketting-I : Relevance Product, Nature, Market Research
  • Tourism : Marketting-2 : Relevance Product, Nature, Market Research
  • Role of Communication Media
  • Writing for Tourism
  • Personality Development and Conversation Capacity
Tourism: The Cultural Heritage
  • Use of History
  • Memorials and Museum
  • Living Culture and Exhibitional Arts
  • Religions of India
Tourism Planning & Policy
  • Tourism: Policy Investment and Policy
  • Understructural  Development
  • Local Institutions, Authorities and Tourism
  • Development, Dependence and Manila Declaration
Tourism Impact
  • Economic Effects
  • Social, Environmental and Political Effect
  • Tourism Dangers and Hindrances


Medium Hindi

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